Audition Do’s & Don’ts
17 Jul 2014

Audition Do’s & Don’ts

Nutcracker Auditions and North Shore Ballet Theatre Auditions are happening and will be here before you know it! August is just around the corner. Here are some things to keep in mind when auditioning:

1. Be prepared. Think about what type of audition it’s going to be ahead of time. Stretch and be ready; maybe take a class or two to be ready for the audition.

2. Know what you are auditioning for. come dressed in appropriate attire, shoes, and hair.

3. Who are you auditioning for and what do you think they are looking for?

4. Be on time. This says a great deal about your dedication and responsibility as a dancer.

5. Act professional and have proper dance etiquette.

6. Smile!!!!! Have Fun!!!!!

7. Be well rested and eat healthy foods; this promotes proper attention and focus.

All in all, have a great audition!

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