27 Nov 2012

Being a Good Audience

This weekend is the 24th Annual Nutcracker Performance at Lake Forest High School. For those who haven’t purchased their tickets, it is selling out, so get them quickly.
Going to the theatre is an enjoyable time for all; from putting on your favorite outfits, to seeing the performance and even taking home a souvenir. It’s important for everyone to be a good audience, as it shows respect to the performers and the other patrons as well. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be on time. Late patrons are typically shown to the balcony so as not to disrupt the performance in progress.
2. Clap during bows and other appropriate times. Shouting anything other than “Bravo” should not be heard.
3. No food or drink (even latte’s from Starbucks) in the theatre. This shows courteousy to the theatre, and no one wants to spill or lose anything in the dark.
4. Intermission is a time to stand and stretch your legs, use the restroom, or shop at the boutique. Please return to your seat in a timely manner. The lights will flash to indicate the end of the intermission and also the start of the show.
5. Be courteous to those around you by being quiet throughout the show.
6. Turn off all electronics (phones, I-Pads, gaming devices). There are so many devices nowadays that shine a bright light. These lights and sounds can be heard form the stage and results in distractions for yourself, the performers and the other patrons. Sit back and enjoy the show.
7. Have fun. If you enjoy a performance let someone know. Clapping, shouting “Bravo”, find a performer or staff member and let them know how much you loved it. Send an email or call on the phone. Everyone loves to hear that their work is appreciated and that it made a difference to someone.

All in all, we at NSSD are very excited for our upcoming performance and look forward to many more years of this holiday tradition. We hope to see you there!

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