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2017-2018 Fall Schedule of Classes



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Pre-Dance payment plan:
Session 1: 1/2 tuition + registration fee at registration, balance due October 1st.
Session 2: 1/2 tuition, (+ registration fee for students not enrolled in session 1), balance due February 1st.
Additional payment plans available. Session 2 fees include a costume fee for the Pre-Dance Showcase.
All class scheduling and faculty subject to change.
Credit and Refund Policies same as Student & Adult Division

Fees for Student & Adult Division Classes: August 28th, 2017 – May 17th, 2018
30 minute class $350 (due at registration) $118 (due 11/1) $117 (due 2/1)
45 minute class $350 (due at registration) $148 (due 11/1) $147 (due 2/1)
60 minute class $350 (due at registration) $178 (due 11/1) $177 (due 2/1)
75 minute class $350 (due at registration) $208 (due 11/1) $207 (due 2/1)
90 minute class $350 (due at registration) $238 (due 11/1) $237 (due 2/1)

5% discount on tuition paid in full by August 1 for students with 3 or more classes.
There is a $25 registration per dancer due at the time of registration.
These fees do not include Performance Companies or Spring Concert fees. Fees above are for classes only.

Refund and Credit Policy
*$50.00 drop fee per class prior to the start of classes.
*September – $25.00 per class held plus $50.00 drop fee per class. Balance refunded.
*October – $25.00 per class held plus $50.00 drop fee. Credit on account.
*After October 31, no credit will be issued.
Credits are kept on account for one year and are not transferable.
Classes added after October 31st will not be credited for withdrawal.
Unlimited Plan: $2000.00 deposit plus $600.00 September through May.
Payment plans are available based on the number of classes in which you have registered. Credit cards must be on file and kept current. Contact Barbara Wowk for your custom payment plan.

Class Size

At NSSD, we limit the sizes of our classes to ensure the quality of dance education. When a class reaches its maximum, then we open a waiting list. If we cannot get each student on the waiting list into a class, depending on space and instructors, we will open an additional class.

Classes Offered


Our ballet classes are based on traditional techniques of Cecchetti, Vaganova, Royal Academy, French, and more. This creates an eclectic style to… Read More »


Pointe classes are for the serious dancer who has been training in ballet a minimum of 2 classes per week for 2 consecutive years beyond the age of… Read More »


Modern is also known as Contemporary Dance. At NSSD these classes are based on the teaching methods of the instructor. Some teach traditional… Read More »


Jazz has changed over the years and has come to incorporate other forms of dance. Ballet and modern dance were the foundation of jazz, and was… Read More »


Our tap classes are based on two major styles of tap: rhythm tap and Broadway tap. Both styles are considered to be a form of music, as the tap… Read More »


Hip-hop is an extremely diverse current dance form. Although there is no codified technique to hip-hop, dancers must develop a broad ability in… Read More »

Fancy Feet

This class focuses on music and movement, while teaching the basics of ballet and creative movement. Instructors use imagery, fantasy and make… Read More »


These classes are designed for kindergarten students who are 5 and 6 years old. Students are taught basic positions and beginning technique and… Read More »

Adult Dance

At North Shore School of Dance we offer Adult Classes in Ballet and Modern. These classes are designed for college age students through… Read More »

Boys Dance

Currently, at North Shore School of Dance, we offer classes for boys in all genres of dance. Many of our boys have grown up with a sister at NSSD… Read More »

Class Divisions

  • Pre-Dance Division: Ages 2-1/2 – 6 (Kindergarten)
  • Students Division: Junior (Jr.) Ages 6 (First Grade) – 11
  • Senior (Sr.) Ages 10 – Adult
  • Adult Division: No additional classes are required to attend these classes.


Advancement at NSSD is determined by the instructor and directors only. With over 40 years of experience, our expertise in leveling has proven successful in each student who follows our recommendations. Students may be advised to remain in the same level for two or more years. This is not a reflection of the student’s ability, nor will they nor will they be repeating the same exact lesson plan.