Classroom Ettiquette
8 Mar 2013

Classroom Ettiquette

It’s been a long cold winter in the city. We’ve had snow, days off school and very cloudy day. It’s easy for each one of us to let the environment and the weather influence our behaviors and mood for the day. Lately, students have been coming to class with multiple warm-up clothes on and looking very tired from school and other activities. It’s is always a good reminder to do the following before arriving to class and during class:
1. Arrive on time and come in ready to go/ready to learn.
2. Wear the proper dress code in class. If we can’t see your body, it makes the teachers job very difficult-we can’t see what’s going on to help correct you. If you are cold, warm-up in the dressing room and hallways; you will quickly become warm.
3. If you have already made your mind up to be tired, you will remain tired. But, if you tell yourself to wake up, you never know, that tiredness will leave and you could have the best class ever!
4. Give and you will receive. The more you give of yourself and your dancing by applying corrections and staying alert, the more you will get from the class. Teachers are more likely to help those that want to be helped and who are attentive in class.
5. Have the best class by presenting your best positive attitude!

These are just some things to think about before you go into your next class. Enjoy your time and make the most out of your NSSD experience!
Ms. Tonya

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