8 Jul 2014

My Mission Statement

As we come upon the last week of our first session of intensive programs, I find myself reflecting back at the past years of intensive programs here at NSSD. I am remembering the multiple locations of training, eating lunch across the street in Highwood, the knowledge and strength that each student has gained, and the hundreds of students that I have seen go through this program. That got me thinking of the specialty items, a staple in a students training during the Intensive program.

Each day the students have time after lunch to discuss, create, and imagine many other aspects of dance and life. My favorite ones were not just of the history, anatomy, and nutrition, but actually those exercises of self awareness and self esteem. A young dancer can possess many attributes and skills, but finding that place where they are confident and happy in their skin, is just as ongoing as finding that perfect plie.

I encourage all dancers to create a “Mission Statement” for themselves; something that drives you, and that is truly important to you. What are your class goals, year goals, and life goals? When you reach your goal, how does it make you feel and why is it important for you to reach it?
I suspect that my goals as a child/teen would’ve been similar to students today. Achieving our goals is no small feat, but achieving any goal in this world will only make us stronger with a healthy self-esteem that will carry into adulthood, family life, and school.

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