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The role of a demonstrator is extremely important. Demonstrators can have a huge effect on the atmosphere of the classroom; if they are enthusiastic and set a positive example, they will influence the students in a positive way. As a demonstrator, you will learn a great deal more about dance as a unique art form. You will see things that will help you with your own technique. Students wanting to be a demonstrator at North Shore School of Dance are encouraged to apply for a position. Dancers must be at least 12 years old, in a minimum of 2 dance classes per week, and a Jr. 3 level or above to be considered. The position is volunteer.

Are you Ready to Become a Demonstrator?

  • Demonstrator Classes are chosen based on the high amount of students in a class, not on convenience of a dancer’s schedule.
  • Demonstrators must adhere to the Demonstrator Handbook and Dedicated Dancer Handbook at all times.
  • A contract and a list of expectations will be e-mailed to students upon acceptance. Student must be 12 years of age, enroll in a minimum of 2 classes at NSSD, and be at least a Jr. 3 level in the same style dance class to apply for position.
  • Demonstrating is a learning experience, therefore, not eligible to receive any tuition credit.

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