Summer is for Fun and for learning!
27 Jun 2013

Summer is for Fun and for learning!

The summer is time for sun, fun, and friends; dancing is a great way to enjoy it all. I’ve been listening to the students and instructors from our 1st summer intensive program talk about the day to day activities and the progress that everyone is making during these weeks of training. Today during specialty, the dancers talked about the staging of dance and being at the theatre. They were pretending to be the cast of Lion King and were learning stage directions and placement, not to mention focus and character portrayal. Now the dancers are back in class, and are learning choreography and I just think about how exciting it seems for everyone. Dancing and being connected with friends, enjoying the music, learning new things; that’s the way I want to spend my summer!
However, it has been raining a lot, so it’s easy to sit behind the tv and watch one of the many dance reality shows that are on tv right now. I just read an article in the new Dance Magazine about those reality shows, and how a lot is purely reality and made for tv; meaning, many things are left out or taken out of context to create excitement and drama. The author, a former dancer, commented on how the creative process is not scene, but instead the trick or the competition aspect. The warm-up, the classes, the complete rehearsals are not seen, the sweat, the accomplishments, etc. To artists or to dancers who study concert dance forms like ballet, modern, and jazz, those are the things that continue to excite us; the creative process, and the day to day training. As artists, it those things that make us tick and keeps us striving for more and more within ourselves and in our work.
Right now witnessing the Intensive program, I am seeing just that: the creative process and the day to day training. The students are bettering themselves and their dancing, and not striving for that trick, but instead reaching for more and more and more even from that plie that they do in every class. This studio is proud to be a forerunner in dance education in the purest form: concert dance. It’s about sustaining the dancer and growing each student. To me, the education and knowledge that each teacher has and can give is extraordinary.
The girls have just finished up and are leaving. “What a fun process”, I think that just says it all!

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