8 Feb 2013

Technique or Tricks…..be a critique

There is a lot going on with dance on television these days. We see everything from full ballets to So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Moms. Each show is not for everyone, but it depends what you are looking for. There’s a lot of drama in the world and it’s apparent when we view reality shows.
A lot of times I find myself viewing dance and looking at the dancers as if I were a teacher. Oh, their feet need to be pointed, or why wasn’t their costume sewn on properly. As dancers we constantly critique ourselves in trying to always be better.
I’d like to challenge you to the following the next time you watch a production, show, or ballet……..be a dance critique.
1.Watch the dancers, what do you like about what they are doing?
2.Do you like the movement and the formations that are made?
3.Do the costumes fit the dance?
4.What type of steps are they doing? Are they doing tricks or are they showing true technique? True technique comes from years of training and muscle strength. Movement should always be age appropriate and when the body is ready.
5.Do you like the music? Are they dancing to the music or against it?
I encourage you to ask these questions to yourself and more. If you have ideas to share, please do. We love to hear about your experience.
Ms. Tonya


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