Winter Break To Do’s
21 Dec 2012

Winter Break To Do’s

Right now, everyone is finishing up their last days at work and school before winter break. Kids and parents alike are excited on being able to take a break and spend time with friends and family; hopefully taking a vacation to other parts of the country or world. As a dancer, it’s important to always be mindfull of our bodies by keeping it in shape. Below is my top 5 things to do for this winter break.
Here are my top 5 some things to think about before returning to classes on Janurary 7, 2013 (Happy New Year!)
1. Keep moving and stretch those bodies out. In the winter we love to sit and read or watch tv because it is too cold to go outside. During these activities, you can still stretch your body while you are enjoying your favorite shows. I know a favorite at our house is playing wii-that definitely keeps me moving!
2. If you are skiing, sledding, skating, or snowboarding, please be careful! It’s a slippery place out there, make sure you always have mom and dad or a coach around you so that accidents are prevented. Let’s have no broken bones!
3. Wake up with a smile! A smile sends positive energy to our bodies and it ensures that we will have a good day! Smile at your siblings, parents and friends-that will make their day too!
4. Listen to some music and practice your dance steps. Get your friends together and put on a show for your parents, they will love it! When you return to class, show your teacher-we are always proud of what you do!
5. Paint, color, or do something artistic! I’m sure there’s homework to be done, so tap into the other side of your brain. Create something special.

Above all else, stay warm, enjoy friends and family, and have a great time! At NSSD we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.
Ms. Tonya

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